Feeling Like a Water Bottle?

YOU ARE VALUABLE. Your worth is not determined by where you are or those around you. God made you because He loves you and you are a treasure to Him. I hope this analogy helps you see that. 

A bottle of water at Costco is 25¢.
The same bottle in the grocery store is worth about 50¢.
The same bottle in a bar costs $2.
In a fancy restaurant or a hotel it could be worth maybe $3.
At an airport or on a plane, you might be charged $5.
And what about the full water bottle that was tossed into the trash when airport security told its owner they couldn’t take it onto the plane. That bottle is now worthless.

The bottle and the brand stayed the same, yet each place gave the bottle a different value.

Sometimes I feel like that water bottle. What about you? What and who do you let determine your value?

If your THINGS or your SURROUNDINGS, make you feel valuable, what will you do when they are taken away? And if you let OTHERS around you determine your worth, especially if it’s a feeling of worthlessness, then you’re missing what counts.

Separate your worth from things, success and people. You are simply God’s treasure; He made you and He loves you.

We all need to remind ourselves that God loves us. His love is beyond measure! And Jesus, God in the flesh, came to earth to show us that love.

God knew we would never be perfect, but He decided that no matter what, He would love us. He knitted us together in the womb (Psalm 139:13). And then Jesus died for our sins so we wouldn’t have to pay the penalty for them. I call that love. Remember that next time you feel like a water bottle. And remember… God asks very little of you except to love Him and love one another.

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