My blind friend can now see!

My blind friend can now see!  A few years ago, my 91-year-old friend, Ron, became legally blind due to blood thinners. Having fewer opportunities to drive or work on computers, Ron decided to listen to audiobooks and read with his Optelek (a machine that magnifies pages and also reads to the user.) 

Ron, being Jewish, bought himself “The Complete Jewish Bible.” Made sense, right? After all, he’s Jewish. What happens next is fascinating.

Ron turned page after page of the Bible, and as the Optelek magnified the words in Isaiah 53 (which he’d never read before), he was puzzled and thought to himself, “That’s about Jesus!” He read it again and again, and with the realization that those words had been written over 500 years before Jesus was born, he recognized it as a prophecy that had been fulfilled.  

Ron’s spiritual eyes were opened and he gave his heart to Jesus. Ron is now a Messianic Jew – truly a chosen child of God. Amazing! And, btw, Ron is like a dad to me and I’m very blessed by our intriguing conversations about the hundreds of prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament.

Ron believes the best thing that happened to him was going blind because now he truly sees. “There is nothing better than knowing you were created by a God of grace who loves you.”

It’s also interesting to note that Ron has asked other Jews what they think about Isaiah 53. Sadly, they say, “We don’t read that.” If you are one of those people (whatever your religion), I challenge you to take a year and read the Bible. Don’t read it like a textbook; read it with your heart open to knowing God.

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