WOW, a 1500-year-old stone with a Greek inscription, “Christ born of Mary”

Some people say having Jesus die on a cross for our sins is ‘a strange way to save the world.’ Interestingly enough, one of my favorite Christian songs, by a group called 4Him (a Grammy-nominated group with seven Dove awards), has a song with that very name. As strange as it may sound to us humans, God’s plan stands. Jesus, born to the virgin Mary, lived and died to show us God’s love. His death on the cross made it possible for us to live with God for eternity. We need only believe with a submissive heart.

If you have doubts, stop and pray for God to reveal the truth to you. Also, take a look at secular information that supports Biblical truth and never give up searching for God. One example of secular proof is an artifact found in Israel a few years ago. A 1500-year-old stone with a Greek inscription, “Christ born of Mary,” was unearthed during the Israeli Antiquities Authority excavations in the village of et-Taiyiba in the Jezreel Valley, in a Byzantine church approximately ten miles from Nazareth. (LINK below) WOW! Such a confirmation of Scripture. Can you imagine being the one who discovered it? Oh, how I wish this would ignite the entire world’s desire to search for the truth about Christ. How the world would change if everyone came to believe that Christ Jesus was the Word of God made flesh who dwelt among us to show us that God loves us.

Remember, God is a just God and, therefore, He cannot ignore sin. So, instead of allowing sin to separate us from Him for eternity (by both a physical and spiritual death), He extends His mercy and kindness to all. He showed us His love and grace through Jesus/His WORD MADE FLESH (John 1:1-2; John 1:14) who took the penalty for our sins. (Look up those verses in the Bible or read the Flip story and Summary in Right to the Soul to help you make more sense of this.)

For now, step out in faith in Jesus as our risen Lord, and receive the free gift of salvation. God loves you!

‘Christ born of Mary’: 1st proof of early Christianity found in Galilee village | The Times of Israel

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