Dance before the music of life is over.

Okay, you don’t really have to dance, but just get out there and DO LIFE!

As I sit with a knee brace and foot problems, after an epidural, double knee injections, and cortisone in my foot…and I still don’t walk right, I think, I’m sure glad I did what I did when I did it!

After my neck and back injuries, I realized I can either feel sorry for myself, or I can do what I can do. At first (& some days) it was very discouraging, but then I said to myself, “Come on, Janet, plenty of people never danced, rode a bike, hiked or went to the gym, and yet they have great lives. You can have a great life too; it will just be less physical.”

Well, guess what, it’s working out…and I’m beginning to workout too! I read a LOT more, study Spanish which I’ve always wanted to do (me gusta Duolingo), and now I’m back in the gym basically rehabbing myself. It’s all good! So I ask you, Quieres bailar? Want to dance? 😉

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