God’s Tap on the Shoulder. How do you reply?

The first time I KNEW God was calling to me was when a gal took me to Calvary Chapel, Capo Bch. It was a strange, dark place – an old bowling alley that had been converted into a church. Nothing but folding chairs (hundreds of them) lined across a concrete floor in front of a plain black stage. Stark would be an understatement (especially considering my Catholic upbringing with its stained-glass windows, crucifixes and statues of saints).

When we walked in, people were worshipping God in song and I said to myself, “These people know something I don’t know.” It was foreign to me, but I could tell it was a good thing.

After the music, the pastor, a young man, probably early forties, dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt, walked onto the stage (Another puzzling sight after having seen priests in robes). The first words out of his mouth were, “Materialistic things are worthless and life without God is meaningless.” The words pierced my soul. Immediately I KNEW God was tapping me on the shoulder, and within a heartbeat, my whole new life began!

You see, at that moment I had lost much of my life’s earnings (even most of my furniture). I was in a marriage that was being annulled and the pathological liar I was married to owed the IRS tens of thousands of dollars (which the IRS wanted to take from me since I foolishly put his name on the title to my house because I (stupidly) thought I was going to live happily-ever-after. Well, what a way to “meet” God. But guess what…everything out…and I ended up richer KNOWING GOD than I ever would have been even if I had all the money in the world.

So, back to the message on the meme: “God’s Tap on the Shoulder…How do you reply?”

Are you ignoring God? If He has tried to get your attention (and I’m sure He has) why not open your heart to His love. I guarantee you, no one will ever regret getting close to the God of the Bible. 

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