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Some things can’t be changed, but sometimes we can improve our lives tremendously. Let’s take a few minutes to pretend.

If life is a fairytale and it’s up to you to create a happy ending, what would you do differently than you’re doing now? THE PURPOSE of THIS POST is to understand that new beginnings (fairy tale ending, if you will) can happen. Although many of us have regrets, we can still move on with our lives and be content. This exercise is meant to be a fun way for us to think through our future and realize that we can control our lives (in some cases, regain control of our lives) and make changes and decisions that can propel us in a healthy (happy ending) direction.  

For me, this post was pertinent many years ago (more than once) when my life needed a new direction. I’m happy to share with anyone who wants to hear about all those times, but just let me summarize the main things I learned.

 It was important to apologize for my mistakes (regardless of what the other person did that was awful). It was equally important to examine what had happened through the lens of God. What was God trying to teach me?

 In one situation, after a disastrous business transaction, the counselor I was seeing advised me to get rid of a particular material item in my home that was a constant negative reminder of the pain my business partner had caused. (I’m not exaggerating; he’s now a convicted felon.) But guess what…that was NOT the best way to handle it.

The BEST RESPONSE to the situation was to GET RID of the BITTERNESS and ANGERLet God handle the rest.  And that’s precisely what I did…and my life took on a whole new direction (one I’m certain I could not have accomplished without the help of God’s powerful Holy Spirit).

If you need encouragement, I’m happy to talk with you. Email me ( or find me on FB and message me. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes on a situation to help you see things differently. I’m here for you.

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