Miracle in the Mailbox

No, it wasn’t a puppy, but it’s even better! 

I don’t know why I get frazzled and squelch God’s peace even though I have experienced numerous miracles. To encourage any of you who have felt like me (extremely stressed), let me share one of the most amazing miracles:

When I was caring for my 95-year-old mother who had Alzheimer’s, I needed to move her closer to me, and to make that happen I needed money (she had nothing but debt), openings at nearby apt complexes (where there were waiting lists from 2-4 years), bank statements to show she could pay the rent (impossible), and I needed her Social Security card.

It was a nightmare and resting in peace seemed impossible! I foolishly spent my time in a panic—hives, psoriasis, swollen gums, a racing heart with fluid building up around it, massive headaches, and gut problems—all the while God was behind the scenes working on my (& my mother’s) behalf.

Here’s how powerful our God is…EVERY single thing I needed to get her moved, happened. And get this…you might not know, but the Social Security office does NOT accept the POA (Power of Attorney). And to make things more complicated, they would not mail me my mom’s documents or Soc Sec card; they would only mail those things to the address in my mom’s file (her apt about 90 minutes away from me). Impossible to overcome! But not for our God! My mom’s Soc Sec card LANDED IN MY MAILBOX Hallelujah! Our God, the One who inspired the magnificent words of the Bible, is alive and working miracles even today!

Father God, please forgive me for my anxious ways. I know that You love us and when we put You first, and submit our wills to You, we find that peace that You promised in Your Word. Praise God, especially for your mercy and grace!

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