The ADDITION of POWER – Where does that come from for you?

You may have read a previous post about all the things God worked out to help me move my 95-yr-old mom, but let me share part of that again, simply to focus on the POWER that God adds to our lives. It’s beyond anything you will ever create on your own. 

Let me share one specific MIRACLE: When I was trying to move my 95-yr-old mom, I needed certain documents from Social Security. When I requested the paperwork, they informed me “We don’t accept Power of Attorney (which I was), and we can only mail the documents to the person’s address on file.” That was terrible news because my mom lived about a 3-hour round-trip away, and she would lose everything due to her Alzheimer’s. 

To make things worse, after the paperwork was mailed, I learned I also needed my mom’s actual Soc Sec CARD. I begged them for the card so I could meet a deadline, but they refused, and once again told me they would only mail it to my mom’s apartment. 

Then I prayed to God. 

Here’s the MIRACLE: Two days later, the Soc Sec card ended up in my mailbox!!! I have no other explanation for this truth except that God, with His mighty power, handled the situation for me. 

The God of the Bible is a God of faith, promises and miracles. He gifts us all faith, He never breaks His promises, and He’s still working miracles today. He is the power; He is in control. If you haven’t taken time to learn who the God of the Bible is, I encourage you to do so. I’m happy to answer questions or concerns.


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